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Emily Lambert - Executive Director

Cindy Vacek - Director of Development

Jenna Wano - IT Coordinator

Jim DeBerge - Environmental

Mike Conner - Office Administrator


Cornerstone Christian School Board of Directors and the administration are planning and praying about the further growth of the school, both in facilities and the scope of the program, as more families become convinced of the necessity and advantages of a classical Christ-centered education. The board operates under the school’s adopted by-laws, vision and goals statements, and provides policies to the directors for implementation in the programs. More details on the board’s operation and policies may be obtained from the school office.

7 laws of leadership

Cornerstone Christian School’s leadership abides by John Milton Gregory’s 7 Laws of Teaching:

  1. A teacher must be one who knows the lesson or truth to be taught.

  2. A learner is one who attends with interest to the lesson given.

  3. . The language used as a medium between teacher and learner must be common to both.

  4. The lesson to be learned must be explicable in the terms of truth already known by the learner—the unknown must be explained by the known.

  5. Teaching is arousing and using the pupil’s mind to form in it a desired conception or thought.

  6. Learning is thinking into one’s own understanding a new idea or truth.

  7. The test and proof of teaching done—the finishing and fastening process—must be a reviewing, rethinking, re-knowing, and reproducing of the knowledge taught.