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Kindergarten Explorers

The Kindergarten Explorers’ experience at Cornerstone Christian School naturally prepares and equips children to engage the world in which they live through providing a classical and interactive approach to learning through exploration, play, and structure while striving to focus each child’s heart on Jesus Christ. Incorporated into the daily structured learning are of course lively and age-appropriate Bible lessons, crucial Bible memory work, character building activities, foundational and formational lessons in phonics, math, handwriting, science, and social studies. But at Cornerstone Christian School we also understand and appreciate the need for and importance of play and exploration where each child is encouraged to freely engage their environment through free play and imagination. 


A primary focus, emphasis and ultimately, the success of the Cornerstone kindergarten experience is the daily read-aloud time during which students are fed on a rich fare of both classic children’s literature and poetry. It is at these times that we see the Explorers’ imagination really begin to soar and the passion for future learning ignited! The classroom quickly becomes a ‘garden of ideas’ and in the soil of this fertile experience, we see them begin to use and exercise their skills or prediction and narration, perfecting along the way their love of reading developing fluency.

As Explorers, this experience is not bounded by the classroom as they engage in active outdoor social play, physical education, art, music, and drama. The great artists come alive as they participate in Fine Art projects and the music of the great composers form the colorful and vibrant backdrop. 

Kindergarten is the singularly most important year of learning and experience, setting the trajectory for all future learning. As recipients of these incredible ‘gifts’ from God, it is our duty to provide our children with all that is good, beautiful and true.

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