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Grammar K - 6

Student Characteristics

Excited about new, interesting facts

Likes to explain, figure out, talk

Wants to relate own experiences to topic, or just to tell a story

Likes collections, organizing items

Likes chants, clever, repetitious word sounds (e.g. Dr. Seuss)

Easily memorizes

Can assimilate another language well

Teaching methods

Lots of sensory work, projects

Field trips

Make collections, displays, models

Plan integration of material through variety of means

Teach and assign simple research projects

Recitations, drama, memorization, chants, sound-offs

Drills, games, songs

Oral/written presentations

This excerpt was created by a 6th-grade student during journal writing. The assignment was for each student to write their personal feelings right before entering the Revolutionary War to fight the British:

”I’m scared. I’m scared that my family won’t have freedom. I’m scared of losing. The Redcoats can try their hardest but we won’t give up. I’m prepared to die. I have God inside of me. For if I am to go home to Jesus, my family will know I fought for what I love.

I run outside. I see my friend. A gun is pointing her way. I leap in front of the gun, just as it is shot. I fall to the ground. The pain is unbearable. I glance at my friend. She falls to her knees. Then I smile, for tonight I will meet my King.”

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