the cornerstone advantage


As one begins to explore and navigate the educational options that are available here in the valley, it becomes clear very quickly that the Classical (Trivium) Christian approach far exceeds parents’ expectations and appears to work extremely well! The usual comment after the first year in a school like Cornerstone Classical is, ‘I wish I would have had this education when I was a kid!’

For the last several years, the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS), our accrediting body, have put out reports detailing how cC trained students score significantly higher on both the ACT and SAT when compared to the nation. These charts also reveal that cC trained students meet and exceed college benchmarks of success; that students that have received a classical Christian education are better prepared for the rigors of college and are more likely to succeed and do well.

In just one year of an intentional and strategic program of study which challenges each student academically and spiritually, Cornerstone students stand as a testimony that the classical Christian model not only works well but equips students with the tools that they need to succeed.

Comparing our CTP-4 (Comprehensive Testing Program Edition 4) standardized testing scores from 2014-15 with our 2015-16 scores reveals incredible and significant increases-in just one year-prompting an “Excellent” from our CTP-4 rep who explained that these significant increases usually are only seen after several years of testing. It begs the question, what are the scores going to look like next year?


Here is a breakdown of the scores:

  • 100% of students increased by a stanine in at least one area over one year

  • 70% of students increased by 2 stanines in at least one area over one year

  • 35% of students increased by 3 stanines in at least one area over one year

  • 10% of students increased by 4 stanines in at least one area over one year

Also….In February 2015:

  • 8 of our students sat the National Latin Exam for the first time. 

  • Of the 8 students, 7 were nationally recognized and we brought home 2 gold and 2 silver medals!

And….CCS students are scholar athletes displaying an incredible ability to transfer what they know from their studies to their play. Teaming up with another local school, our Track and Field team took second out of 20 teams in the annual Lutheran Invitational Track Meet held in Grand Junction. Second place while maintaining a high GPA!

Cornerstone Classical School is committed to excellence starting with our Pre-Kindergarten program. We provide thematic units that engage, integrate, and teach across all curricular areas. With an experienced and caring staff, along with low teacher to child ratios, we want each child and family to have the best Pre-Kindergarten experience possible!

We have created a beautiful, homelike environment for learning, socialization, character building and most importantly spiritual growth. Our goal is to make learning exciting and fun. Our Pre-kindergarten staff has developed a curriculum that is an active balance of activities, teacher directed and child initiated. 

We understand what children at this age level love and that they are excited to learn, and this is reflected in our program. Learning in the classroom is fun and exciting through phonics, hands-on math, writing skills, science, Spanish, art, music, and play. Character development is taught through Bible stories and Bible verses as well as through individual assessment. Each child works at his/her own pace and ability. As a staff we are actively involved in each child’s social and character development, as we focus on each individual’s gifts and talents.

Our goal is to prepare a child for kindergarten by having taught them the following skills: letter recognition, basic phonics and letter writing, counting 0-100, number recognition 1-20, basic math skills, shapes, colors, and patterning. We also work on teaching them to follow directions, listening skills, playing with other children, communication skills, cleanliness, safety, and healthy eating habits.