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Of course there are admissions steps to follow--and they are outlined below. But first, come for a visit!  We'd love to meet you and show you what makes Cornerstone Christian School such a special community!

For the Preschool & Child Care, call 970-309-7757, or email 

See you soon!

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1. Application Forms

Please complete and submit to Arabella Marmolejo, Preschool Director

2. Family meeting

After your application is submitted, make an appointment to meet with Mr. Steve Marshall for K-9 or Arabella Marmolejo for Preschool. We'd like to get to know you and your student better, show you around and answer any questions you may have. It's always nicer to meet in person than just exchange papers! You can connect with either Mr. Marshall or Arabella Marmolejo by calling the CCS office at (970) 927-9106, or sending an email to

3.  Communicate decision

After we've reviewed your application and had a chance to meet, we will communicate the admission status (accept or decline) as soon as possible, but usually within one week of the family meeting.  

4. Additional information required

Upon acceptance, the following forms will be required for student records:

Letter from the Headmaster


Thank you for considering enrollment of your child(ren) at Cornerstone Christian School, where we aim to graduate students who think clearly and listen carefully with discernment and understanding; who reason persuasively and articulate precisely; who are capable of evaluating their entire range of experience in the light of the Scriptures; and who do so in joyful submission to God. We strive to build a legacy of intelligent and thoughtful leaders who will live purposeful lives marked by truth.

Our classical education program, based on the Trivium, is solidly and unapologetically Christ-centered, clinging firmly to what is stated in Colossians 1:15-17; Christ is to be preeminent in all things, and that in Christ, all things hold together.

Please browse our website for more information on classical Christian education and to find out what makes Cornerstone Christian School unique and special. The choice as to where you send your child to school is an important one that has eternal consequences. It should not be taken lightly, but requires much prayer, wisdom and discernment.

”In education, it is extremely dangerous to only develop the understanding and the intellect, and not to pay attention to the heart. We must, above all, pay attention to the heart, for the heart is life, but life corrupted by sin. It is necessary to purify this source of life, to kindle in it the pure flame of life, so that it should burn and not be extinguished, and should direct all the thoughts, desires, and tendencies of the man through all his life. Society is corrupted precisely through want of Christian education.” - St. John Krondstadt

Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me. I would love the chance to visit with you and share my vision for Cornerstone Christian School.

In Christ,

Steve Marshall, M.Ed.